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User Manual - First-Start Wizard


  • Click at the screenshots on the right hand side, to zoom in.
  • Please apologize, that all pictures are in German. However, the buttons, etc. are still in the same place.
  • If you installed the standard instead of the complete package, you may be asked to allow Updater.exe to run with administrative privileges sereval times under Windows Vista and higher. In order to, click the "Continue" button.
  • Any setting, that is set in this wizard, can be changed later.

Welcome Page

This page allows you to change the language. Please note that you will have to restart X10Receiver.NET v2 and that administrative privileges may be required for Updater.exe (click "Continue" to allow it under Windows Vista and higher). Furthermore, you have the possibility to import a back-up at this point.
In most cases, you can simple click "Next".

Plug Receiver

The next page asks you to plug your receiver. This can be either a USB dongle or a small box with a short cable. There are also internal receivers that do not have to be plugged of course.

Choose Remote Control

On this page, choose your remote control.

Channel Detection

Some remotes can send their commands on different channels. In order to detect the correct channel, simply press any button on your remote.

Important: Do not press the OK button!

Choose programs

By default, all applications that have been found on your computer, are checked. Select an application in the list and click "Advanced settings for this application" to choose the functions. In general, the default settings are okay.

Adjust Application

  • Green functions are activated, red functions are not used.
  • Drag buttons from the right side and drop them on functions on the left side to activate the functions.
  • Select a function and press a button on your remote to activate and assign it.
  • If you have multiple remotes, you can specify the ones to use with this mode by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner.


  • Drag a button from the right on a mode name on the left to directly open that mode when you press the button.
  • Drag a button to the items above to switch between modes in alphabetical order or to choose from all modes in an OSMenu.
  • Drag the "On foreground process change"-item and drop it on a mode name to open the mode when the specified application is activated.

You're done

After you clicked "Finish", your settings are applied. Please contact us if an error occurs.

This article helps with your first steps in X10Receiver.NET v2.