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User Manual - Fast-Configuration-Tool

The Fast-Configuration-Tool is meant to help you to create definitions as quickly as possible.

Open the Fast-Configuration-Tool

  • First, open the definition list, that you want to edit/add definitions to.
  • Open the tab "Definition list".
  • Click "Fast configuration".

Quickly Add Definitions

Choose a plugin and an action from the lists on the top. Then press a button on your remote to add a definition, that assigns the chosen action to the button you pressed.

  • The application automatically moves on to the next action, so you can add all functions of a plugin by simply pressing the buttons on your remote.
  • Use the "Back" and "Next" buttons to go back or to skip an action.
  • Use the "Undo" button to remove the latest definition that has just been created.
  • The button "Test selected action" executes the action selected in the list above without creating any definitions.
  • The checkboxes "Press", "Hold" and "Release" allow you to specify, to which states of the button the new event shall react. For example, activating both "Press" and "Hold" makes sense when adding functions that change the volume.

Quickly Edit Multiple Definitions

The buttons allow you to edit multiple definitions in the current definition list at the same time. After you chose the definitions that shall be edited, you can

  • add actions to these definitions (the actions will always be added to the end of the list),
  • assign a new output handler to these definitions (an old handler will be overwritten),
  • change the remote(s), that these definitions react to (definitions that don't have a remove event as their input, will be ignored) or
  • change the button state, that the definitions react to.

Import Definitions

To save time, you can import definitions from other definition lists. You can also copy definitions by simply importing them from the active definition list.

  • Click "Import definitions" (buttom left).
  • Choose the definitions that you want to import. You usually don't want to import the definition called "Additionally load general mode".
  • The checkbox "Move definitions/Delete in original definition list" does what it says and can of course only be activated if the source definition list is not the active one.
  • Use the "..." button to change the source file.

Please note, that remote control buttons can be assigned to multiple functions after you imported definitions!