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The X10AndroidApp

The X10AndroidApp is a regular app for Google's mobile OS Android. It allows you to control your computer using your mobile in a very easy way.


  • Simple setup: Add AndroidRemote to X10Receiver.NET v2, start the app and you're done.
  • Automated connection establishment, no IP etc. required
  • Integrated into X10Receiver.NET v2 as a normal remote control
  • Therefore controls all applications supported by X10Receiver.NET.
  • Display contents of directories on your computer.
  • Display photo galleries from your computer on your mobile device.
  • Launch applications/files on your computer
  • View cover art on your phone, open and enqueue music files.
  • Extended Playlist functions and large cover view for Winamp, AIMP, Grooveshark, iTunes, Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center
  • Windows Media Center: Channel list and recorded TV shows
  • Favourites for fast access of important folders
  • Fully automated wakeup of computers (WakeOnLAN)
  • Direct access to all features through home screen shortcuts


  • Android 2.0 (Eclair) or higher
  • Windows Vista or higher
  • X10Receiver.NET v2.1120 or higher
  • Common Wi-Fi for computer and Android device



In X10Receiver.NET v2

  • In the tab "Remotes", click "Add new remote".
  • Choose "AndroidRemote" and click "Next".
  • Add paths for the media browser, if needed.
  • That's it.

On your mobile device

  • Either download x10androidapp.apk (about 475 KB) to your device (SD card) and install it
  • or use the QR-code on the right.