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User Manual - Virtual Remote

Add A Virtual Remote

  • To add a new virtual remote control, open the tab "Remotes" in the main window of X10Receiver.NET v2 first.
  • Click "Add remote control".
  • Choose the "Virtual remote" from the list and click "Next".
  • Then click "Finish".


  • You can close the virtual remote by clicking the button at the bottom. It will not be deleted then.
  • You can re-open the virtual remote by double-clicking it in the list in the tab "Remotes". After X10Receiver.NET was restarted, the remote will be re-opened, too.
  • You can move the virtual remote by clicking and dragging the window without hitting a button of the remote.
  • Important: The virtual remote can block the update process. If the updater displays a message that states, that X10Receiver.NET could not be closed, please first close the virtual remote and then click "Yes".