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User Manual - Special Functions

You can add special functions by clicking the button "Special functions" in the tab "Current mode".


Load Other Mode

This function switches to another mode. To make this function available from all modes, add it to the general mode.

Scroll Modes

This function loads the next available mode in alphabetical order. To practically scroll through all modes, you will need to add this function to the general mode.

Choose Mode With OSMenu

See the article OSMenu.

Load Functions From Another Mode Additionally

This function allows you to temporarily import all functions from another mode. It is not possible to choose single actions, they will be imported all at a time. This way, you have to create those functions only once, that are needed in all modes, and then import this mode from all other modes.

Add Function Set

This item offers you various functions:

  • Functions to control the mouse
  • Functions to change the master volume
  • Functions to simulate the num-keys
  • Functions to simulate the arrow keys
  • "Editable OSMenu for mode change" creates a OSMenu containing one item per mode to load it, so you can reorder and delete the items.


This function activates the Phonepad.


These functions allow you to shutdown windows or switch into standby or suspend mode. Moreover, you can simulate keystrokes. How that works, is explained here

Launch applications

The first function allows you to start the application, that is controlled by the current mode, if the application was found on your hard drive. If it was not found, this option will be disabled. In that case or if you want to start another application, you can use the second option and choose the application to be launched yourself.