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User Manual - RemoteSupport

Why RemoteSupport?

Errors and problems in X10Receiver.NET need to be reproducible for us, so we can fix them. If we cannot reproduce a problem on our computers, we will ask you to give us access to your computer via RemoteSupport to allow us to find out more about the error.
Moreover, RemoteSupport helps us to support you in configuring X10Receiver.NET.

How Does RemoteSupport Work?

RemoteSupport establishes a connection from our computer to yours, that allows us to see your screen and to control your mouse and keyboard.
Of course, you are still in control, too.

To open a RemoteSupport connection, download X10Receiver.NET Remote Support (see below) and open the application. No installation is required. When the application has opened, click "Verbinden" (German for "Connect"). Please contact us in advance to make sure that we are on the spot when you connect.

Important Notice

We have not developed RemoteSupport ourselves - it's an open source software. Therefore, we assume no liability for any problems or damages caused by this application. However, we don't know about any, yet.

X10Receiver.NET RemoteSupport Download

Click here to download X10Receiver.NET RemoteSupport.
Save the file to your hard drive, open it and confirm possible requests by Windows or by your firewall.