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User Manual - Mode-Switch-Settings

This page explains the various possibilities you have to switch between the available modes.

Open the Mode-Switch-Settings

Possible configurations

Switch in alphabetical order

You can switch from one mode to another in alphabetical order using a single button (or two buttons, the second one to go backwards).
In order to, drag a button from the right and drop it on "In alphabetical order" (respectively "Counter-alphabetical order").

Choose mode with the OSMenu

You can use a button to display an On-Screen-Menu, that contains all available modes and allows you to choose one with the arrow keys and open it by pressing the OK-key.
In order to, drag the button you want to open the menu with from the right and drop it on "Using the OSMenu" on the left.

Open a mode directly

You can configure a button to directly open a specific mode. In order to, drag the button from the right and drop it on the mode on the left.

Detect the active application

X10Receiver.NET v2 is able to detect the current foreground application and select modes accordingly. Drag the item "On foreground process change" from the right, drop it on a mode name on the left and specify the name of the .exe-file, that you want to link with the mode. Specify "*" as the name, to load the mode, when an unknown application becomes the foreground application.