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User Manual - Control Logitech G15

It does not take much configuration to assign any function to the G-keys of the Gamer keyboard "Logitech G15". Also, different configurations in the three M-modes are possible. Additionally, the media keys can be redirected to your favorite media player and the current track as well as the playlist can be displayed on the LCD.

In case you have further questions or issues when configuring your G15, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Assign G-keys

Example: Standby on G12

Using the example of the G12 key you will be directed step by step to configure a G-key with any arbitrary function. Please click the first screenshot below and then use the arrow on the right to move on. (We are sorry the screenshots are available in German only. The buttons, etc. are in the same place, however.)

Advanced: Use different M-modes

The G15 keyboard features three seperately lit M-keys to switch between different modes making it possible to assign three different functions to each of the 18 G-keys. To use this functionality with X10Receiver.NET, you might want to deactivate the original Logitech software ("Logitech G-series Key Profiler").

  • First, add three modes called "G15_M1", "G15_M2" and "G15_M3" by clicking "Add new mode" in the tab "Modes" and choosing "Empty definition list".
  • Then, add the desired functions to these modes respectively, as described above.
  • Download the mode G15.x10Rec and save it to the folder containing the other definition lists, which is %AppData%\X10Receiver.NET.
  • Add a new definition to each mode that shall use the G15 (if you want to use it on all modes, add the definition to the general mode). Choose "X10Receiver/Definition list opened" as the event and "X10Receiver/Additionally load definition list" with the G15.x10Rec as the action.

Media Control on the LCD

Activate Media Control

To let X10Receiver.NET know, that you want to use the G15's display for controlling your media player, you will have to add a specific definition to each mode you want to use it on. By now, these applications are supported:

  • AIMP
  • Grooveshark
  • iTunes
  • Winamp
  • Windows Media Center
  • Windows Media Player

So open one of these modes and add a new definition (using this manual page) with the following elements:

  • Input: Plugin "X10Receiver", Event "Definition list opened"
  • Output: Plugin "Logitech G15", Action "Activate media control"

Note: When you use Grooveshark, add an additional definition with the same output but "Grooveshark/Grooveshark started" as the input.

Using Media Control

The G15 media controller offers two screens. The first one displays the current track title and artist as well as a seek bar and the time.
The second one displays the playlist. Use the two left hand buttons below the LCD to switch between the screens. On the playlist screen, use the two right hand buttons to select tracks and press the middle left button to play the selected track.

Using the media keys

In case your media player does not react to the media keys (volume, play/pause, stop, next/previous track) anyway, you may want to configure that as well. Open the mode and use this manual page to add a function for each of the keys.