Information Project Miscellaneous

User Manual - Export Settings

You can export and import your settings and your definition lists. This serves as a back-up and to transfer your settings to another computer.

Export Settings

  • In the tab "Settings" click "Export settings".
  • Activate the checkbox "Export program settings" if you want to export the general settings (the ones you can set in the "Settings" tab as well as the ones configuring the OSD).
  • Choose the definition lists to be exported.
  • When importing the back-up later, you can choose the items to be imported, so better export too much than too little.
  • Finally, click "Export" and save the back-up file. By default, it is saved to the backup folder. If you want to transfer the file to another computer, please move to another directory that you will find again later.

Import Settings

  • In the tab "Settings" click "Import settings".
  • Choose the file that contains your back-up.
  • Choose the items to be imported (settingsg and definition list). By default, only definition lists are selected, that do not yet exist.
  • Finally, click "Import". You will have to restart X10Receiver.NET v2. If the application does not start then, please open it manually.


When transferring the settings to another computer, the OSD is possibly shown in a unfitting position or even outside the screen (so you can't see it at all). Please use the button "Customize OSD" in the tab "Settings" to solve this.