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User Manual - Error Message

X10Receiver.NET Error Messages

Usually, error messages are displayed in a window like the one on the right. You can zoom in by clicking the image.
You now have the possibility to help us fixing the bug by uploading your logfile. If the has only occured after you changed something or if it only occurs when you start a certain application/X10Receiver.NET/when you press a certain button/etc., please tell us about that (by using the comment field).

Non-X10Receiver.NET Error Messages

If the error message does not look as shown in the picture above, this is a relatively severe problem. Please send us an e-mail with a screenshot or with the text of the message. In particular, error codes (numbers) are very important. In most cases, you can copy the error text by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard (without selecting the text in advance).