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User Manual - Simulate keystrokes

This page explains how to configure a button on your remote control to simulate a keystroke on your keyboard. In the example, the Menu+Enter combination (keyboard, mostly used for fullscreen-toggle) is assigned to the "OK" button (remote).

Please click the first picture below and then use the right arrow in the picture, to move to the next one.
All pictures are available in German only - but the buttons are in the same place and our texts contain the English descriptions. We apologize for that.


Please note that the function will only be available in the mode, that you added it to. You can switch to another mode in the "Modes" tab. Choose the general mode to make the function work at any time (independent of the active mode).

Hinzuf├╝gen der Funktion

Test the Function

First, open an application that you can use to test the function (e.g. Notepad or Word). Then press the button on the remote. In the example, this should insert a new line.