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User Manual - Basic Concepts

This page is meant to help you understand how X10Receiver.NET v2 works.

1st Concept: Modes

Most user want to control multiple different applications with their remote, e.g. Windows Media Player, YouTube and Winamp. The largest X10-remote we know has 48 buttons - but only a single play button. You could set the play functions of the other two applications to other buttons, but you would have to remember the assignments then and if you wanted to control more than 4 applications, you would still have trouble - there are even single applications that offer more than 48 functions.

But as in most cases, there is only a single active application that offers a play-button, it makes sense to use modes. Every mode controls another application. Some of the needless buttons are used to switch between modes. This way, every mode can use all buttons (except for the ones you need for switching).
There are multiple ways to load other modes, that can also be combined:

  • Every mode has one button assigned to load it
  • There is only a single button to load the next mode (in alphabetical order)
  • There is only a single button that opens an OSD menu, which allows you to choose the desired mode.
  • Auto-Mode-Switching (by detecting the active application)

2nd Concept: Definitions

In order to tell your computer, which button shall control to which function, you will have to make an assignment. X10Receiver.NET v2 uses definitions working like this:

Remote Control (Play button) ==> Windows Media Player (Play function)

The play button on the remote control is called the event and is on the input side of the definition. When the event is triggered (i.e. when the button is pressed), the play function of Windows Media Player, that is on the output side, is executed.

For every function of an application, that you want to control, you need a definition. All those definitions (for a single application) add up to a mode. The file, that definitions are saved in, is called a definition list.

Technical element  Equivalent in the concept
DefinitionA function (Play)
Definition listMode (YouTube)