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User Manual - Auto-Mode-Switching

X10Receiver.NET v2 is able to switch modes automatically. In order to, the foreground application is detected every two seconds - if the application has been assigned to a mode, it is automatically loaded.

De-/Active Auto-Mode-Switching

  • Open the tab "Settings" and activate the checkbox "Automatically switch mode". At this, an assignment for every mode is automatically created. Click "Assign programs" to check those settings (see below).
  • When unchecking the checkbox, these settings will be deleted irrevocably. Therefore, it is not possible to temporarily deactivate the Auto-Mode-Switch-Function.
  • Activate the checkbox "Show confirmation" to display a message every time the mode is switched automatically.

Edit Assignments

  • In the tab "Settings" click "Assign programs".
  • Choose an item from the list to edit it.
  • Click the button "Change mode" to set the mode that will be loaded when the specified application (Process) is active.
  • Click "Add new item" to create a new assignment. You can assign one mode to multiple processes, but not the other way round.
  • Alternatively, you can assign the process in the wizard "Open and edit selected mode" from the "Modes" tab.
  • Enter a star (*) as the process name to load the mode when none of the other processes is the active one.