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User Manual - Add Definition


First, you will have to open the mode/the definition list, that you want to add the definition to.

All pictures are available in German only - but the buttons are in the same place and our texts contain the English descriptions. We apologize for that.

Add a Definition

  • Open the tab "Definition list" and click "Add definition" (Picture 1). You should now see a new window with the tab "Input" opened.
  • Choose "X10Receiver" from the left list and "Definition list opened" from the right one, then click "Use this event" (Picture 2). The application will automatically switch to the tab "Output".
  • Choose "Windows" from the left list and "Play sound" from the right one, then click "Add selected action" (Picture 3).
  • Choose any sound file from in the new window and click "Open" (Picture 4). The item "Sound: ..." should appear in the list under "Chosen actions".
  • Click "Add definition" to save the definition.

You have just created a new definition, that will play a sound every time you open the definition list. You can simply test this by switching to the tab "Modes", choosing the one that is already active (it says above) and then clicking "Load selected mode".

In the same manner, you can add any other definition to your definition list.

Add a Definition List

To create a new empty definition list, click "Add new mode" in the tab "Modes", then choose "Empty definition list" from the list and complete the wizard.